Tuesday, April 29, 2014

High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

What Holistic or Natural Approach I would take if diagnosed with High Blood Pressure
by Thomas Martin

This post is not theoretical.  I had problems for years with high blood pressure. For the most part, I refused medication, but after my bout with heart failure, it became even more important to keep my blood pressure in a low to normal range.

The problem took on a new immediacy when one of my molars shattered and had to be removed while I was on a combination of an ace inhibitor and a beta blocker.  I checked on how these drugs worked and discovered that one of the drugs inhibits the body's absorption of calcium.  Even though I was supplementing calcium and getting large amounts through the nutrient-dense food I was eating, my body couldn't get access to it, so my body began cannibalizing itself to get the calcium it needed.  My teeth were its first targets. 

I read many websites and books seeking answers.  Here is what works for me:

  • 400 mgs CoQ10 (I take only Co10 in the ubiquinol form)
  • Magnesium oil (preferably Ancient Minerals) - spritz 15 shots onto my skin, rubbing it in with my forearm.  I do this just before bedtime is usually best.  Note that it takes about 4 months of using magnesium oil for our bodies to get the full benefits.
  • Vitamin D3 - 10,000 IUs daily
  • Calcium Citrate - 800 mgs with food
  • I will take Cod Liver Oil daily (preferably Carlson's brand in a Gel Cap form)
  • Olive Leaf Extract - I started with 1,000 mgs per day.  I increased the dose as necessary, monitoring my blood pressure along the way.  I currently take 2,000 mgs per day. 
  • I will take dehydrated blueberries powder daily (starting around 22 grams)
  • Lugol's solution iodine (a mix of iodine and potassium iodide) - I put about 15 drops on my skin and rub in with my forearm, again, just before bed. 
  • L-arginine - I take 1,000 mgs per day
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) - I take 1,000 mgs per day
  • I will drink fresh celery juice daily. 
  • Pycnogenol - 100 mgs per day
  • I eliminated sugar and all artificial, chemical sweeteners such as aspartame
  • I also add chia seeds to my morning breakfast/protein drink.  Chia seeds have a wide range of benefits including the ability to help lower high blood pressure
  • I will eliminate all wheat, soy and corn from my diet.

I suspect, for me, the magnesium oil and the olive leaf extract were the biggest factors in reducing my high BP.

Along the way I also tried taking nattokinase and amealpeptide.  Both were recommended to me by a trusted holistic physician, but neither seemed to have much  of an impact.  That being said, I would definitely try the amealpeptide again. 

Although my BP is under control, I am now going to have all of my mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced.  I suspect this has also contributed to my high BP in the past. 

All of these items (except the Olive Leaf Extract) are listed in my book Just Do This One Thing in greater detail and with more references. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way recommending treatments or cures on this blog.  This blog is merely a compilation of what I have learned about a diet based, natural approach to health. I follow the steps I outline in my book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health and know I will avoid almost every disease listed in this blog.  On the other hand, I needed a place to write steps for specific ailments as I came across them.  If you are looking for alternative therapies, I hope you can benefit from my research, especially if your doctor has told you "nothing more can be done for you."




Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You by Dr. Rodger H. Murphree

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