Saturday, May 30, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

What Holistic or Natural Approach I would Take if Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

by Thomas Martin

Here is what I would do if diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Many of these nutrients help preserve existing mitochondria in the body and aid in building new mitochondria as well:
  • Magnesium Chloride (spritz about 15 shots on skin and rub in with your inner forearm just before bed)
  • Vitamin D3 - 10,000 iu daily
  • Carnosine - 1,500 mgs daily
  • PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline) - 60 mgs daily
  • Biotin - 600 mcgs daily
  • Vitamin K2 - 2,000 mcgs daily (higher doses if necessary)
  • I will make fermented vegetables and eat about 1/3 cup daily.  My gut flora is likely out of balance. 
  • I will begin a juicing program, starting with one large glass of juice each day and increasing to two as my body detoxifies.  I will make my juice especially rich in green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach.   I will follow the guidelines laid out in my book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide to  Chronic Good Health
  • Vitamin C - 5 grams daily
  • Coconut Oil  - 5 tablespoons daily (work slowly up to this level as coconut oil also acts as a laxative)
  • I will eliminate all Wheat, Corn and Soy from my diet and eat no gluten.
  • I will take Cod Liver Oil daily, preferably Carlson's,
  • Resveratrol  - 750 mgs daily
  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)   - 1 mg (1,000 mcgs)  also daily
  • Creatine powder, 1/4 teas twice daily
  • I will have all of my mercury amalgam fillings safely removed by a dentist who has been trained in this procedure.
  • I will eliminate any food marked "diet" or "lite."  Ensuring I get NO artificial sweeteners in my diet
  • I will eliminate consuming MSG in my diet, checking food labels and asking restaurants in which I dine if they add this poison to their foods.
I will also eliminate the following toxins from my life:

Fluoride – buy and use a non-fluoridated toothpaste.  Tom’s of Maine makes several.  Fluoride is an industrial waste poison which has never been shown to reduce or prevent tooth decay.
Mercury – have all mercury amalgam fillings removed from your mouth by a dentist especially trained in this.   The amalgam bleed mercury into you system for decades following the implant.  Also avoid all vaccines (including flu shots) for they also contain mercury which is used as a preservative. 

Lead - check for lead warnings on bottles of balsamic vinegar.
Aluminum – Aluminum is most frequently found in antiperspirants.  Begin using a deodorant which does not contain aluminum.  Tom of Maine’s also makes these types of products.  Also get rid of all aluminum cooking pans as the aluminum leeches into the food as it cooks.
I will read “Minding my Mitochondria” and "The Wahl's Protocol" by Dr. Terry Wahls and begin the diet outlined in the book.  Dr. Wahl’s reversed her own Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through her diet. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way recommending treatments or cures on this blog.  This blog is merely a compilation of what I have learned about a diet based, natural approach to health. I follow the steps I outline in my book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health and know I will avoid almost every disease listed in this blog.  On the other hand, I needed a place to write steps for specific ailments as I came across them.  If you are looking for alternative therapies, I hope you can benefit from my research, especially if your doctor has told you "nothing more can be done for you."


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