Monday, April 20, 2015

Alcoholism and Addiction

What Natural or Holistic Approach I Would Take If Diagnosed with Alcoholism or other Addiction

by Thomas Martin

It has been found that many addictions often start in people who have issues with depression.  I would immediately follow the advice about which I have already written in my article on depression.

I will also immediately stop eating all sugar, sugar-substitutes, wheat, corn and soy.  All five cause havoc in my body, with the last three being GMO.  None are healthy for me to eat. In fact, wheat causes a type of addiction which could feed into my alcohol addition. 

I will also take 50 to 100 mgs of zinc, daily

I would also improve my diet, ensuring I am eating organic foods, grass-fed beef, free-range, organic chicken and juicing raw, organic vegetables.   This will aid in the healing of my body, my liver and ultimately clear the fog from my brain. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way recommending treatments or cures on this blog.  This blog is merely a compilation of what I have learned about a diet based, natural approach to health. I follow the steps I outline in my book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health and know I will avoid almost every disease listed in this blog.  On the other hand, I needed a place to write steps for specific ailments as I came across them.  If you are looking for alternative therapies, I hope you can benefit from my research, especially if your doctor has told you "nothing more can be done for you." 


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