Friday, February 5, 2016

Toenail and other Fungi

What Holistic or Natural Approach I Would Take If Diagnosed With Toenail or other Fungi Disorder

by Thomas Martin

This is another real-life problem for me.   I struggled with toenail fungus for about 14 years.  I tried all of the over the counter remedies but would not submit to the oral drug.  That drug has a nasty side effect of permanently damaging your liver, a risk I wasn't about to take.  

If you have toenail fungus, keep in mind you have fungus throughout your body.  It is best to address both simultaneously for the greatest level of success

So, here is what I did:L
  • Topical Treatment
    • Apply Oregano Oil, along with Raw, Virgin Coconut oil to the affected toenails each night (You may want to wear cotton socks over your feet while doing this).  You want to use oregano oil extracted specifically from oregano vulgae.    
  • Internal Treatment
    • For the first seven days, take two to three drops of the oregano oil in whichever beverage allows you to drink it.  The taste is quite pungent, so try water or even organic concord grape juice.  I added it to my vegetable/fruit smoothie.
    • Take zinc, 50 to 100 mgs daily
    • Eliminate the following foods from your diet for at least 30 to 60 days:
      • All sugar and sugar substitutes
      • All milk, with the exception of plain, organic yogurt
      • All alcohol
      • All wheat, corn and soy
      • Potatoes and White rice
    • To help support liver function:
      • Take silymarin (or Milk Thistle), three times daily
      • Upon rising in the morning (first thing, before any other food or drink), squeeze the juice of an organic lemon into a glass of room-temperature or slightly warm water and drink it.  Do not eat or drink anything else for about 30 minutes.
    • To aid in general health, removing of the fungi:

  It isn't essential you do all of these steps, but the more you do, the more likely the fungi will die. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way recommending treatments or cures on this blog.  This blog is merely a compilation of what I have learned about a diet based, natural approach to health. I follow the steps I outline in my book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health and know I will avoid almost every disease listed in this blog.  On the other hand, I needed a place to write steps for specific ailments as I came across them.  If you are looking for alternative therapies, I hope you can benefit from my research, especially if your doctor has told you "nothing more can be done for you."


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